Deepbass ‎- Alto / Lanthan Audio ‎- 002
  • Deepbass ‎- Alto / Lanthan Audio ‎- 002
Lanthan Audio - 002 - 12"
Deepbass ‎- Alto / Lanthan Audio ‎- 002 - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Lanthan Audio returns with the mighty Deepbass; Scottish DJ, producer and label owner of Informa Records. It's been a while since we've had some flat-lined, 'proper techno' as I like to call it. And this new one from Lanthan will keep fans of Edit Select, Zooloft, Aconito and the aforementioned Informa more than happy. With remixes by Aegis, Reggy van Oers and Ness there's plenty of variations on the one theme for you to get your teeth into. Uniform to the Deepbass style, "Alto" is an ethereal, atmospheric techno track with a punchy, rolling bass and cosmic arpeggios. With a breathtaking breakdown (unusual for these cats who typically bash it out right till the end) the track reaches heightened levels of elevation as it progresses through its second half. Aegis, takes the track's potent bassline and adds a pulsating breakbeat to the elegant atmospheres. The result - a full frequency rub down of the highest order, tickling all the right parts of the speaker stacks and your body senses. On the flip side RVO adds a hypnotic energy to the track as the elements continue to build to the crowning point before letting you down nice and smooth. For the final take Ness goes all out as white noise washes, analogue explosions and metallic flurries cascade through the track, somehow keeeping things serene and delicate. All in all a captivating way for each artist to express their own style on one EP yet remaining cohesive throughout.