Mr. Assister ‎- Izma / Arland Rain // BEAM - BEAM-01
  • Mr. Assister ‎- Izma / Arland Rain // BEAM - BEAM-01
Mr. Assister
Izma / Arland Rain
BEAM - BEAM-01 - 12"
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Originally a drummer by trade, Ben 'Mr Assister' Assiter starting moving into the world of production with his 2014 release on 1-800-Dinosaur, the London based label of which he is a founding member. Since then, he has devoted more and more time to DJing, co-running the successful NASA (formerly 0800 DINOSAUR) monthly party with Dan Foat and Frank Tope, and touring America with the 1-800 Dinosaur crew. In February this year, Mr Assister was asked to remix 'Toura Toura' by New York-based group Innov Gnawa and his heavyweight offering was subqsequently premiered by The Ransom Note. To coincide with this release of this remix, Mr Assister also recorded a percussion-heavy mix for online magazine, Stamp The Wax, featuring 'Izma' from this release.

'Izma / Arland Rain' marks the inaugural release on Mr Assister's brand new label, BEAM. Though these tracks demonstrate a new exploration of slower tempos for Mr A, there is a sense of continuity in the percussive quality of the music, as well as its emphasis on lo-fi vinyl samples. 'Izma' has had several airings on James Blake's residency on BBC Radio 1, while 'Arland Rain' was recently premiered on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section show on NTS radio.

Mastered by the eminent Matt Colton.

Magical drawings provided by Nadine Kolodziey.